The Founder’s Journey –

Journey –

An Entrepreneurial Process

Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs – or those beyond the start. The course will guide participants from early ideation to opportunity development, with insights on how to nurture and grow a new venture. Entrepreneurship is a journey, and through this program, Western Morrissette Institute for Entrepreneurship Powered by Ivey and RBC will be with you every step of the way.

Entrepreneurship Is A Process That Can Be Learned

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Eric Morse

Module 1 :
The Entrepreneurial Process

Larry Plummer

Module 2 :

Janice Byrne

Module 3 :
Exploring Solutions

Daniel Clark

Module 4 :
First Launch & Traction

David Simpson

Module 5 :
Planning & Financing

Eric Janssen

Module 6 :
Go-To-Market Plan

Dominic Lim

Module 7 :
Growth & Scaling Up

Simon Parker

Module 8 :
Social Enterprise

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Module 1 Overview:

Entrepreneurship is the creation of value by solving problems, filling voids, and creating a better way of doing things. Entrepreneurs are simply people who identify the problem and develop the products, processes, or services to solve it, creating value for the customer, themselves and society. This module identifies the common myths of entrepreneurship and alternative paths entrepreneurs take in the creation of their ventures to solve real problems or pursue interesting opportunities. You’ll hear how Debbie Fung, the Ivey entrepreneur behind Yoga Tree, built a business that solved a unique problem and how she continues to succeed in her entrepreneurial journey.

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Eric Morse, Ph.D.

The Course Schedule Is Outlined Below

This program will be offered 4 times per year.

Registration will close when the maximum number of registrants has been reached, for each session.

Summer/Fall 2022

Course Opens

July 15, 2022

Course Closes

December 15, 2022

Winter/Spring 2023

Course Opens

January 25, 2023

Course Closes

April 14, 2023

Spring/Summer 2023

Course Opens

May 1, 2023

Course Closes

September 8, 2023

Fall/Winter 2023

Course Opens

September 18, 2023

Course Closes

December 8, 2023

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